• Comprehensive Eye Examinations, by appointment, with an Eye Specialist.

  • Premium quality Lenses & Frames.

  • Contact lenses for all prescriptions, daily wear, night and day wear and multi-focals.

  • Protective EyeWear for Industrial and Sporting use.

  • Custom made prescription sunglasses.

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Eye and Vision Examinations and prescriptions:


We recommend that you should have your eyes and vision assessed every three years, to check for changes in your eyesight, or visual function and to screen for eye disease.

Ideally, you should have an eye examination every two years.  After seeing an eye specialist, you can know if you have any eye disease or if you need vision correction using spectacles or contact lenses.

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Great range of quality designer frames and the best lenses:


A pair of glasses isn’t just about having great sight, it’s about looking great too. We have access to the full range of the latest lens designs and materials that are thinner, lighter and clearer. Because of our independence we can provide the best lens for you, without the restrictions of a franchised practice. Our exciting frame range caters to every individual and includes quality, fashionable and designer styles. We have a great range of children’s frames too. Brands include; DiCaprio, Versailles

Artistik, Kouture, Calvin Klein, Generation Y, Guess, Ray-Ban, Visionnaire and many others. 

We can also source specific models upon request.

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