Frames & Lenses

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Style and confidence.

Active? Sophisticated? Comfortable. We’ve got the right options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

The best quality frames, sunglasses and lenses.

Our new generation of Transition lenses equipped with GEN 8 breakthrough technology is for you!

Always pushing boundaries, Transitions challenged its research team to develop a light intelligent photochromic lens that was darker outdoors, clear indoors, with improved reaction and fade back speeds, all without compromising on protection and quality.

Polarized lenses reduce the glare that affects your vision in sunlight.  Even the reflections off of cars, buildings or the pavement, can cause great discomfort and impair your vision when you are outdoors.

You can even have polarized photochromic lenses that offer maximum protection against the sun and harmful UV rays.

Come in and ask us about these lenses and more.


Whether it be for work or play, we can supply every style and design of lens available.

Single vision to progressive design. 

Plastic, polycarbonate and Trivex. 

Ultra-thin and light Hi-index materials.

We have them all.

NuView EyeWear is about more than glasses and contact lenses.
We are here to help you see more and show you how to care for 
your vision.